Violence in the name of religion not acceptable: Indonesia cleric

August 31, 2012
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JAKARTA, Indonesia – An influential Muslim cleric said no party should commit violence in the name of religion, Republika Online reported.

"Violence in the name of anything is not allowed – but especially in the name of religion," Amidhan, Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI), said in Jakarta on Wednesday (August 29th).

He was responding to unrest in Sampang stemming from violent attacks against the Shia community. Early this week, about 200 people were attacked in Shia neighbourhoods in Karanggayam Village.

"The problems in Sampang began as a family matter between a brother and sister who attended two different schools (Pesantrens) for learning Islam," he said.

Family issues then spread into a conflict. According to Amidhan, in communities where people have not matured, they are resistant to accepting differences.

"The challenge is now handed to the local government to determine how they will find a solution," he added.

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