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Trial begins for Indonesians in Burma embassy plot

November 13, 2013

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Two suspected Indonesian extremists went on trial Monday (November 11th) accused of an "evil conspiracy" to bomb the Burma embassy to avenge the killing of Rohingya Muslims in that country, AFP reported.

Rokhadi and Achmad Taufiq could face the death penalty over the plan to attack the mission in May. Rokhadi allegedly raised funds for the attack while Taufiq is accused of helping assemble bombs.

"The accused carried out an evil conspiracy," prosecutor Okto Ricardo told South Jakarta District Court.

The men "wanted to bomb the Burma embassy in Jakarta so there would be casualties, injuries and damage" to put pressure on the Burmese government, Ricardo said.

Rokhadi and Taufiq are two of several men apprehended over the plot. The trials of others accused got underway last week with the case of Separiano, arrested with bombs in his backpack the night before the planned attack.

The prosecutor told the court the men were part of an extremist group called Negara Islam Indonesia (NII).

Rokhadi is accused of transferring 300,000 rupiah ($26) to alleged mastermind Sigit Indrajid, who is also detained and who will go on trial next week.

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