Terror in Yala

Photos by Chaiyote Pandin for Khabar Southeast Asia



Thai police and security experts gather amid the damage caused by successive bomb blasts in the southern city of Yala on Saturday (March 31st). Eleven people died in the co-ordinated attacks, which were followed an hour later by a car bomb that killed an additional three people in the popular tourist hub of Hat Yai.

Paramedics and passersby attend to people wounded or in shock from the explosions, which occurred around lunch hour while the area was crowded with shoppers.

Thai military police investigate a vehicle within the blast radius of Saturday's (March 31st) terror attacks. The bombs are believed to have been placed under or in parked vehicles on the busy street and remotely detonated.

Thai police survey the destruction in Yala. A blast also took place Saturday near a police station in Pattani, injuring a police official, Lt. Jitrakarn Kerkoryot of Mae Lan District.

In addition to the smaller motorcycle explosion, a larger 30kg bomb placed in a pickup truck fuel tank detonated, resulting in casualties and extensive damage to nearby buildings.

Paramedics and volunteers carry the body of a bomb blast victim from Saturday's (March 31st) terror attack in Thailand's southern city of Yala. Army Region 4 Commander Lt. Gen. Udomchai Thammasarorat said the incident "was the response by a group of insurgents to recent pressure by authorities, which included an ongoing series of searches and arrests".

Paramedics wheel away a man gravely injured in one of the co-ordinated bomb blasts Saturday (March 31st) in Yala. The central business district had been scheduled to host municipal activities over the weekend.

Paramedics direct an injured man to a triage area near the bomb blast site. CCTV coverage circulated by the municipal authorities shows the alleged bomber parking an unregistered metallic grey four-door pickup in Yala's central district, walking a short distance and then riding off on a motorbike driven by an accomplice. Ten minutes later during the lunchtime hour, the truck bomb was detonated.

Yala municipal firefighters extinguish blazes caused by a series of vehicle bombs in the central business district. The attack was the worst in the Deep South since a January 2011 bomb attack killed nine people in the same province.

Emergency workers search for survivors. A spokesperson for Yala Hospital told Khabar that 127 people received treatment, including 10 who are in critical condition.

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  • bram soumelena June 16, 2012 @ 07:06:58PM

    Terrorism must be wiped out, it makes the country unsafe. Security must be tightened at the point of entry for terrorists.

  • aswan p May 24, 2012 @ 12:05:54AM

    To you terrorists...don’t hurt any more innocent victims!

  • win May 21, 2012 @ 12:05:58AM

    is good news

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