Pattani women flock to new "empowerment fund"

Women who have trouble finding the resources to start a business can look forward to government assistance in the form of a new low-interest loan scheme.

By Bas Pattani in Pattani for Khabar Southeast Asia

July 03, 2012


Do you support campaigns by vigilante groups such as FPI to crack down on bars and restaurants that they believe are violating Islamic norms?

Photo Essay

A mother washes her daughter's hair with rice straw ashes in Pabuaran, Central Java, one day before Ramadan. It is a tradition said to cleanse heart and mind. [Andhika Bhakti/Khabar]

Ramadan: a time of reflection and togetherness

The month of fasting brings families and communities together for many special activities expressing tolerance, forbearance, creativity, charity and faith.