Police kill fleeing terror suspect

March 26, 2012
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BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Local police and anti-terror forces shot dead a terrorism suspect in Limpo, Aceh Saturday (March 24th) while trying to arrest him.

"One of the suspects, Maimun JF, tried to escape by climbing a wall and was disabled with two shots to his arm and leg," Aceh police spokesman Gustav Leo told the BBC. He died en route to the hospital.

Two university students who happened to be at the place where Maimun was apprehended were questioned and later released, The Jakarta Globe reported.

Maimun is one of six people wanted by police in connection with a string of shootings and fire bombings over the last six months, according to The Globe. The group is allegedly trying to disrupt Aceh's April 9th elections.

Officials are tightening security ahead of the elections in which local residents will choose a governor, 13 district heads and four mayors. The polls have already been delayed several times due to violence.

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