Demonstrators demand banning of Indonesia hardline groups

May 11, 2012
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YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia – Hundreds of people staged a rally here Friday (May 11th), calling for the Indonesian Mujahedeen Council (MMI) to be disbanded following its raid on a book discussion in which several people were injured, Kompas reported.

"They are disrupting the peace in Yogyakarta. People here are ready to uphold justice in Yogyakarta. Long live a tolerant Yogyakarta," said Imam S Arrizal, leader of the Yogyakarta branch of the Indonesian Islamic Students Union, according to Kompas.

On Wednesday, an MMI mob attacked participants of a book discussion called "Allah, Liberty and Love" at the Social and Islamic Studies Institute (LKiS), injuring Canadian liberal Muslim activist and author Irshad Manji and several participants, most of them women.

"This brutal action ruins the image of Yogyakarta as open and friendly to diversity," Arrizal was quoted as saying. He expressed regret that police had failed to protect people attending the event and urged them to conduct a thorough investigation.

"We also call for MMI and pro-violence groups to be disbanded," he said.

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