Rebels given 30 days to reduce attacks in Deep South

May 01, 2013
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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Thailand wrapped up a second round of peace talks with the rebel group Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) in Kuala Lumpur on Monday (April 29th), local media reported. Government officials said they have given BRN leader Hassan Taib 30 days to reduce the number of attacks on civilian and security personnel in the Deep South provinces,

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    "We want to monitor if violence will subside in the far south before talks resume. This will help us to determine if the BRN is a true leading organisation that can control other groups," Thai National Security Council (NSC) Secretary-General Paradorn Pattanatabut said, according to the Bangkok Post.

    A video clip posted on YouTube by the BRN – in which Taib and fellow BRN leader Abdul Karim Khalib read a list of demands to the Thai government – complicated efforts to hold Monday's talks.

    The five-point list was also officially proposed in writing during Monday's session but was rejected by Thai negotiators.

    According to The Nation, BRN representatives demanded that Malaysia's role be upgraded to mediator rather than merely facilitator, that only BRN-approved members take part in the process, that members of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation or NGOs observe the next round of meetings, that all suspects detained for terror attacks be released and all warrants revoked, and that the BRN be recognised as a "liberator", not a separatist organisation.

    The next round of talks is scheduled for June 13th.

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