Some Aceh candidates fail Qur'an test

May 02, 2013
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BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – An official said Tuesday (April 30th) that two dozen candidates vying for seats in the Aceh provincial legislature ahead of next year's general election have failed a test on the Qur'an required under local law for those seeking office, local media reported.

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    Akmal Abzal, a commissioner with the Aceh Independent Elections Commission, said 42 of 1,231 people from a dozen political parties failed the test. "There were only three political parties whose members all passed the Qur'an proficiency test 100%," Akmal told The Jakarta Globe. "One thing is certain: There were legislative candidates from a nationalist Islamic party who couldn't read the Qur'an."

    The test was administered over the course of three days, from Saturday to Monday, according to Those who were absent can take it when it is offered again; those who failed cannot.

    Aceh is the only province in the country allowed to have local parties and the only one that requires the Qur'an proficiency test.

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      • Anonymouus
        May 6, 2013 @ 11:05:42PM
      • Well done! Efforts should be intensified to ensure that policies and practices are maintained and applied universally throughout Indonesia, more so because the vast majority of its people are Muslim, so that people are not led astray by false principles and practices that cannot guarantee their well-being in this world and the afterlife. Islamic principles that are based entirely on the Koran are a basic requirement which needs to be fostered to ensure that the followers of Islam are safe and prosperous in this world and the next. Many are fighting to say that all religions are the same and speak of truth - this is a false and misleading perception. The almighty God cannot be associated with any other. This is clearly laid out in the Surat Al Ikhlas. Qul Huwallahu Ahad, think hard before making a decision that distorts faith and will not be rewarded in Heaven in the afterlife.

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