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Maluku youth demand arrest of FPI spokesperson

July 02, 2013

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A group of Maluku youths blasted Islam Defenders Front (FPI) spokesman Munarman for dumping water on a fellow guest during a televised interview Friday (June 28th), local media reported.

The Maluku Muslim Youth Front (FPMM) said police should press criminal charges against Munarman for the stunt against University of Indonesia sociologist Tamrin Amal Tomagola, who is of Malukan descent, The Jakarta Post reported.

The two were discussing the attitude of the police in regards to sweeping bans imposed during Ramadan.

Ade M. Nur Ngudu, FPMM chairman for East Jakarta, said that Munarman's action demonstrated "arrogance" and lack of education. He condemned the lack of respect shown towards Tamrin, as well as the insult to Malukans.

"[Tamrin] is a person that we cherish. Not only the people of North Maluku, but as fellow child of the nation," Ade Nur said.

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