Jakarta Buddhist temple bombs linked to Rohingya treatment

August 06, 2013
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JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A bomb that exploded late Sunday (August 4th) at a Buddhist temple in Jakarta bore the words "we are responding to the screams of the Rohingya", a reference to ongoing violence against minority Muslims at the hands of Burma's Buddhist majority, media reported.

The low-intensity bomb, containing pieces of iron and ball bearings, detonated inside the Ekayana Buddhist temple as hundreds of worshippers prayed. The blast only injured one person and caused minor damage. A second bomb emitted smoke only.

Temple official Ponijan Liaw told AFP that CCTV footage showed a man entering the temple and placing two green packages – one inscribed with the Rohingya reference – inside, next to two doors, before leaving.

This is not the first attack tied to the situation in Burma. In May, security personnel managed to thwart an attempt by a terror group to attack the Burmese Embassy in Jakarta, The Jakarta Post reported.

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