Densus 88 arrests 5 terror suspects in Klaten

May 17, 2014
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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Densus 88 arrested five terror suspects Thursday (May 15th) in Trucuk subdistrict of Klaten, Central Java, local media reported.

National Police spokesman Ronny F. Sompie named the suspects as Arif alias Tomy, Selamet, Rofiq, Arifin and Yusuf, according to Antara News. He added police confiscated dozens of firearms and sharp weapons, including gas rifles, handguns, a crossbow, long swords, throw knives and bomb-making manuals.

Local neighbourhood unit head Supar Padimarsono said the house where the suspects were arrested had a "welding workshop", but no work was ever done there, according to The Jakarta Post.

Ronny said these are the latest in a string of arrests made by Densus 88 this week.

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    • andi
      June 5, 2014 @ 09:06:50PM
    • If they are proven to be terrorists, well done, as long as human rights are upheld.

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