Rejections of ISIL mount in Indonesia

August 05, 2014
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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesians continued to denounce the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), days after the extremist group posted a recruitment video online targeting them, local media reported Monday (August 4th).

Military commander General Moeldoko banned the group, also known as ISIS, saying it could divide Indonesia and harm its tradition of pluralism. "The country could be in danger if ISIS flourishes," Moeldoko told reporters, according to

Religious leaders called on the government to act against the potential spread of ISIL support.

"We cannot stand silent as we witness this. It's true that forming and joining a group is the right of every citizen, but we cannot tolerate violence. The government must take firm action," said Muhammadiyah deputy chairman Teguh Santosa, according to the Jakarta Globe.

"As a Muslim, I have to call on Indonesian Muslims to not let themselves be incited by the ISIS issue, which has entered Indonesia," Antara quoted former Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) chairman Hasyim Muzadi as saying.

"ISIS is a new Islamic phenomenon in the Middle East, which is by no means appropriate to Indonesian conditions," he said.

The Islamic Student Union (HMI) condemned Indonesian Muslims supporting ISIL .

"In our homeland, people of all backgrounds enjoy religious freedom," HMI Secretary General Muhammad Chairul Basyar said. "Citizens who act as though they don't live in Indonesia, as though they are foreigners in their own homeland, disgust us."

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A caliph is freely chosen by Muslims everywhere for his wisdom and spiritual qualifications. The ISIL leader's proclamation of himself as caliph over all Muslims violates the principles of Islam.

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