Small change is good business ahead of Lebaran

Small gifts of money make Idul Fitri sweet for youngsters. Many Jakarta residents get their small change for a small fee on the street, though some frown on such businesses.

By Elisabeth Oktofani for Khabar Southeast Asia in Jakarta

August 20, 2012
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Do you support campaigns by vigilante groups such as FPI to crack down on bars and restaurants that they believe are violating Islamic norms?

Photo Essay

A mother washes her daughter's hair with rice straw ashes in Pabuaran, Central Java, one day before Ramadan. It is a tradition said to cleanse heart and mind. [Andhika Bhakti/Khabar]

Ramadan: a time of reflection and togetherness

The month of fasting brings families and communities together for many special activities expressing tolerance, forbearance, creativity, charity and faith.