For the Muslim fashionista, a growing array of elegant options

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A model presents a design by Tie-Dye Creation. The brand, founded by Istafiana Candarini, 28, Silvi Kultur Nadya Karina, 28, and Afina Candarini, 24, focuses on hip Muslim urban wear. "We want to have a job for our own satisfaction and receive good benefits for ourselves, and want to create jobs for others," the designers said. [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

A model displays a design by Irna Mutiara on May 31st during the four-day Islamic Fashion Fair in Jakarta. Irna's Bandung-based line Irna la Perle specialises in glamorous gowns for special occasions. [Bay Ismoyo/AFP]

A romantic, pastel pink ensemble by Monika Jufry gets a turn on the catwalk at the Islamic Fashion Fair. This leading designer of fashionable Muslim attire has clothed celebrities and leading figures like First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. [Bay Ismoyo/AFP]

An outfit by Dian Pelangi is displayed at Plaza Senayan during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. Dian, 21, is a multi-talented fashion entrepreneur who graduated from Ecole Superieur des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) in Paris. In 2011, she was invited to join The International Fair of the Muslim World at Le Bourget in Paris and became the youngest member of the Association of Young Indonesian Designers (APPMI). [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

A model wears an elegant black burqa designed by Merry Pramono on day six of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013, which was devoted to the Muslim fashion scene. [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

Itang Yunasz, (left) one of the most popular designers in Indonesia, says he wants "to prove that Muslim fashion, which is based on Sharia, could also be fashionable and stylish". Itang, who has marketed his designs in Dubai, Monaco, London and Paris, is optimistic about Indonesia becoming a world leader in Muslim fashion. [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

Designer Noni Zakiah rolls out an array of designs in black, white and sky blue for her finale at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

Designer Ria Miranda's "Minang Heritage'" collection, modeled at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013, featured flowing lines and delicate pastel colours. Muslim wear was in the spotlight at the event held at Plaza Senayan. [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

Tantri Ayunita Sachrianti, a 29-year-old Muslim fashion entrepreneur, stands in her booth at Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 on February 14th. Tantri built her own label, "Meisje," and received Annisa Magazine's Rising Star Designer award. Having started out by selling her products online, she said "not giving up" was her key to success. [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

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