10 terror suspects on trial in Indonesia

January 13, 2012
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JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Ten Islamists accused of planning attacks on Indonesian police went on trial Thursday (January 12th) in Jakarta.

The men, who face life sentences if found guilty, were arrested by police during a four-day operation in which guns and bullets were also seized.

Abu Umar, the purported ringleader of the group, allegedly incited followers to jihad against the Indonesian government, countries that prevent the implementation of Islamic law and others.

"Abu Umar and his followers have committed an evil conspiracy... smuggled firearms, ammunition and other dangerous materials into Indonesia to carry out terror acts," prosecutor Izamzan told the West Jakarta district court.

Meanwhile, in Tangerang District Court, prosecutors recommended Wednesday that each of the five terror suspects be sentenced to 10 years in jail for involvement in an April suicide bomb attack on Cirebon Police headquarters, according to The Jakarta Globe.

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