Suspected Hezbollah agent in Thai court

March 20, 2012
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BANGKOK, Thailand – A Lebanese man with alleged Hezbollah links arrested in Thailand in January will appear in court Wednesday (March 21st) on charges of breaking weapons control laws, Director General of the Department of Criminal Litigation Pongniwat Yuthaponboripan said.

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    After the suspect was arrested in Bangkok, police found a large amount of bomb-making chemicals, such as ammonium nitrate, at an address he rented. Possessing this chemical requires a permit in Thailand.

    Depending on the evidence, he could also face terrorism charges, Pongniwat said. The court will hear his plea on Wednesday.

    Thai authorities have been on high alert after his arrest and the subsequent botched Valentine's Day bombing in Bangkok targeting Israeli officials. Israel has blamed Iran for the blast and similar attacks in India and Georgia the day before.

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