Ten arrested for attempting to claim Malaysia throne

August 07, 2013
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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Ten people dressed like ninjas were detained Monday (August 5th) after turning up at Malaysia's royal palace in Kuala Lumpur in an apparent attempt to claim the throne, AFP reported.

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    The group was unarmed and included a child. Police did not identify the members but said the leader was from Kedah and "claimed to have a letter of appointment from the Philippines", Kuala Lumpur police official Ku Chin Wah told reporters.

    Malaysia has a unique arrangement under which the Muslim Malay sultans of the country's nine states take turns occupying the national throne as king, rotating every five years. A claim from the Philippines "doesn't make sense", Ku said.

    He said the group is being investigated under a statute that forbids challenging the king's authority, which can bring life imprisonment, and for illegal assembly.

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