Security tightened at Indonesia Buddhist temples

August 07, 2013
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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Bomb squad personnel are being deployed at several Buddhist temples in Lombok and Sumbawa in West Nusa Tenggara's (NTB) following a blast at Ekayana Vihara in Duri Kepa, West Jakarta, on Sunday (August 4th), local media reported.

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    The Jakarta Post reported 50 personnel from the Mobile Brigade's (Brimob) bomb squad are guarding the temples. "Overall, the situation in NTB is safe and conducive, but as a precautionary measure, following Sunday's blast in Jakarta, we are guarding temples," police spokesman Suryo Saputro told The Jakarta Post in Mataram on Monday.

    NTB Police are focused on securing the flow of people back and forth during Ramadan in an operation code named Ketupat Eid Gatarin 2013 in Lombok and Sumbawa, reported.

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