Young Indonesians: creativity at work

By Khabar Southeast Asia



Students in Desa Banjaran Borobudur, Central Java work part-time after school making ceramics. They use the money they earn for school expenses and to help their families. [Okky Feliantar/Khabar]

Women in Gresik, East Java, make wooden cutting boards, with the support of Citra Pengusaha Mandiri, a local non-governmental organisation. They have successfully introduced their products at malls in Surabaya and Jakarta. [Yenny Herawati/Khabar]

The leather industry in Magetan, East Java, is known for its quality and affordability. Its artisans, including more than 700 local youths, produce bags, shoes and sandals. [Yenny Herawati/Khabar]

People in Brebes, Central Java, made salted eggs, a growing home industry in the region and major employer of women and youth. [Okky Feliantiar/Khabar]

Members of a youth collective in Tepusen, Temanggung District in Central Java make and market snacks. [Okky Feliantiar/Khabar]

Youth in Mundu Sub-District, Cirebon, West Java, make kitchen products from wood, stone and sand. They work after school and market their products locally. [Yenny Herawati/Khabar].

Brown palm sugar production is a home industry with a broad marketplace in Holland, Germany, the United States, and France. People in Dono Harjo, Pacitan, East Java, have responded to the opportunity by improving the quality of organic palm sugar. [Yenny Herawati/Khabar].

Women in Magetan, East Java paint wax designs on cloth, part of the complex batik-making process. They work for Batik Sidomukti, and are part of a women's association, "Mukti Lestari". Their handmade batiks have been imported by many countries including the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. [Yenny Herawati/Khabar]

Water hyacinth (Enceng Gondok) is easy to find in ponds and rivers around Yogyakarta. Though it is considered an invasive species, local people use it to make products including rugs, chairs, baskets and vases that sell locally and nationally. Individuals in the industry range in age from students working part-time to retirees who just enjoy the work. [Okky Feliantiar/Khabar].

Entrepreneurs in Sumedang, West Java, make banana chips. Students from Sunan Kalijaga University are undertaking a quality assurance project to help the product compete in the international market. [Andhika Bhakti/Khabar]

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  • Tasmi Rian dana June 10, 2013 @ 09:06:49PM

    I commend the children of the nation. But, I hope this doesn't stop with the Borobudur area but also spreads out to other regions where the young people might have high creativity that needs to be developed.

  • tina May 21, 2013 @ 08:05:43AM

    i like it,is goodjob i like Indonesia

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