Haj: the experience of a lifetime for Muslims

Photos by AFP, Andhika Bhakti, M. Taufan SP Bustan, Yenny Herawati and Maeswara Palupi



Pilgrims circle the Kaaba inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on October 16th. Some two million Muslim pilgrims from 188 countries participated in this year's largely incident-free haj, including more than 168,000 from Indonesia. [Fayez Nureldine/AFP]

A women’s association in Tasikmalaya, West Java gathers September 12th to pray for a member performing haj this year. The group chants and prays for safety, strong faith and courage on this religious journey. [Yenny Herawati/Khabar]

Haj pilgrims from Riau wait for their departure to Medina on September 16th. Men and women wear uniforms provided by their travel agency to differentiate them from other pilgrims heading to Saudi Arabia. [Andhika Bhakti/Khabar]

Some of the 210 haj pilgrims from Rokan Hulu, Riau depart from Tambusai Pasir Pangaraian Airport on September 21st. Smiling and waving, the pilgrims hope they can be haji mabroor (faultless hajis). [Andhika Bhakti/Khabar]

Two elderly pilgrims are assisted by relatives on September 21st in Palembang, South Sumatra. There are no age restrictions for performing haj, required of all Muslims at least once in their lifetime. [Maeswara Palupi/Khabar]

Pilgrims from all over the world perform evening prayers in Mecca's Grand Mosque on October 8th. More than two million Muslims arrived in the holy city for the annual haj, one of the world's largest human assemblies. [Fayez Nureldine/AFP]

Pilgrims pose October 14th atop Mount Arafat, near Mecca. By the hundreds of thousands, pilgrims thronged the mount from early morning, arriving on foot, by train or in vehicles, to the place where the Prophet delivered his final sermon. [Fayez Nureldine/AFP]

Muslim pilgrims in Mina near Mecca recite prayers after throwing pebbles at pillars in the Jamarat ritual, the symbolic stoning of Satan, on October 17th, the third day of Idul Adha, which marks the end of the haj. [Fayez Nureldine/AFP]

Haj pilgrims pray and offer thanks for their successful journey at Minangkabau Airport near Padang, West Sumatra on October 20th. Airport employees and some pilgrims wore face masks as a precaution against contracting MERS, a deadly respiratory virus that emerged last year in Saudi Arabia. [Andhika Bhakti/Khabar]

Indonesian Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali welcomes returning haj pilgrims at Pondok Gede in Jakarta on October 9th. [Yenny Herawati/Khabar]

Hugs and kisses await pilgrims returning to Palu, South Sulawesi on October 23rd. Big smiles and bright colors express happiness and excitement after the important journey. [M Taufan SP Bustan/Khabar]

Pilgrims return home to Central Sulawesi on October 23rd. Although tired, the pilgrims are eager to share their religious journey with family and the community. [M Taufan SP Bustan/Khabar]

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  • brothers and sister of the world let embrce our self lets us hold hand and togather blow a wake up call in any way we can lets stop this madness and isane without prejudce to all mankind races and religious. our live our peace and hormany has been taken away and our right to live in this world has been demoralised ,our mind and though has beeb scrutenised and been force to lead our to hate each other without any remose and feel guilty. l ets us shade a new life for each of us has our own destiny before we face cretor. lets stand togather and leave aside our diferences. for time is not our side may god help us. amin.

  • Saeful Bahri May 22, 2014 @ 08:05:26AM

    I strongly agree.

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