As Burma opens up, migrant workers dream of home

Migrants working in Thailand say democratic changes in Burma could enable them to return.

By Somchai Huasaikul and Samila Nararanode for Khabar Southeast Asia in Hat Yai

April 30, 2012


The most important issue in Indonesia's presidential election is:

Photo Essay

Mariyah Nibosu, whose husband was shot dead in 2009 by unknown gunmen, stands outside her home in September 2013 in the state-run 'widows' village' of Rotan Batu, 20km from Narathiwat. "Women suffer a lot here," she said. "But we are strong. We have to feed our children by ourselves. We have to survive." [Christophe Archambault/AFP]

As Thailand's Deep South insurgency drags on, families suffer, persevere