Poso terror suspects undergoing interrogation in Jakarta

January 03, 2013
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JAKARTA, Indonesia -- The anti-terror police unit Detachment 88 has brought five suspected terrorists from Poso, Central Sulawesi to Jakarta to investigate their suspected roles in terror acts in Central Sulawesi, local media reported on Sunday (December 30th).

Two were arrested on Saturday, one each was arrested on December 20th and 21st and the fifth was arrested during a raid a month ago, Liputan6.com quoted National Police spokesman Agus Rianto as saying in Jakarta.

"We are investigating their connection with the events that have been occurring during this time," he said.

Kompas.com reported that the two arrested on Saturday are suspected of hiding fugitives who are wanted by police, participating in training led by top terror suspect Santoso, facilitating that training and providing logistical support for a series of terror acts in Poso.


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