Convicted terrorist escapes from Indonesia prison

April 26, 2013
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PALU, Indonesia – Police announced Wednesday (April 24th) they are searching for a convicted terrorist who escaped from prison after Friday prayers last week, local media reported.

Basri, alias Bagong, was serving time for a series of terror acts in Poso in 2005, including the mutilation of three high school students, The Jakarta Post reported.

Rustam Effendi, a spokesman from the Central Sulawesi regional office of the Justice and Human Rights Ministry, said Basri initially asked officials at Ampana Penitentiary in Tojo Una-Una regency for permission to visit a sick relative.

"Basri escaped by taking advantage of negligent guards after Friday prayers," he said.

The prosecutor's office only reported the case Tuesday, according to The Post.

Central Sulawesi police chief Ari Dono Sukmanto instructed all staff in 11 districts and cities to catch Basri, reported.

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