FPI apologises to victims of last week's clash in Central Java

July 26, 2013
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JAKARTA, Indonesia -- The chairman of the hardline Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) issued a statement Wednesday (July 24th) apologising to the family of the woman who died during a clash last week between FPI members and residents in Kendal, Central Java, local media reported.

Tri Munarti, who was pregnant, was killed when a truckload of FPI members drove into the motorcycle she and her husband were riding. He was injured, as were three other people.

In his statement Rizieq Shihab said the FPI would compensate the family, The Jakarta Post reported, and would toss out members involved in violence. He also vowed that such violence would not be repeated. "FPI members are strictly prohibited from conducting sweeps and destruction of public property, let alone causing death."

The FPI conducts raids on establishments it deems as offering inappropriate entertainment during Ramadan.

Widower Samsu Eko Julianto said the public apology is not enough. "I told Rizieq that none of the FPI members in Kendal came to me to apologise about the incident and the loss of my wife," Samsu told AFP.

"From individuals who caused the incident, I have not heard anything yet," detikNews.com quoted him as saying.

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