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News Briefs

  • Thai leader oversees drug burning

  • Insurgents kill two defence volunteers in Deep South

  • Thailand to destroy almost 3 tonnes of illegal drugs

  • Thai separatist gets life sentence

  • Vietnam jails six for human smuggling

  • Police say potential witness in Philippines massacre was murdered

  • Umar Patek won't appeal sentence

  • Indonesians held for violent anti-Malaysia protests

  • Maoists burn six vehicles in Bihar

  • Clashes ensue after fire guts Muslim shrine in Kashmir

  • Burma, Bangladesh leaders 'to discuss Rohingya'

  • Suu Kyi wraps up European tour in France

  • Indonesia website takes aim at corrupt officials

  • Roadside bomb injures 14 in Thai south

  • Malaysia court orders Iranian extradited over Bangkok blast

  • Philippines investigates human trafficking to Syria

  • Chinese ship 'accidentally rams' Philippines boat

  • LeT may target Hindu festival: Home Ministry

  • Vietnam claims Paracel, Spratly Islands

  • Thai police arrest 19 North Korean refugees

  • Official: Terror suspects raised billions through Internet hacking

  • Terrorist assets seized in Medan

  • Boat carrying 200 asylum seekers capsizes

  • Two wounded in Narathiwat bombing

  • Philippines seizes illegal China-bound ore

  • Ten killed in Indonesia military plane crash

  • Umar Patek sentenced to 20 years in prison

  • Three dead in new Burma clashes

  • Death sentence in Burma murder case

  • 58 missing after Indonesia boat accident

  • Emergency decree extended in Thai Deep South

  • Haze returns to Malaysia

  • Alleged Bangkok bus shooter nabbed

  • Philippines pulls vessels from disputed shoal

  • Philippines rebels ready to resume peace talks

  • Indonesian jailed for Prophet Mohammed cartoons

  • Flooding spread in Thai province

  • Rohingya Muslims in Malaysia protest violence in Burma

  • Two killed on public bus in Bangkok

  • Experts: Internet sales have led to explosion of fake drugs

  • China to hold naval drill in western Pacific

  • Suu Kyi on landmark European tour

  • Seven dead in Philippines ferry sinking

  • Two suspected drug dealers held in Thailand

  • UN envoy visits strife-torn western Burma

  • Four hurt in Narathiwat bomb ambush

  • Philippines studying military accord with Singapore

  • Sri Lanka, Nepal no longer on UN "List of Shame"

  • Malaysia policeman jailed over custodial death

  • Bangkok chemical attacker arrested

  • Six injured in Pattani grenade attack

  • Strife-hit Burma state under emergency rule

  • Muslim rebel leader optimistic over Philippines deal

  • Thai court jails banker who helped spark Asia crisis

  • Army's role may be reduced in Burmese parliament

  • Malaysian navy saves 26 shipwreck survivors

  • Thousands evacuated as flood hits Thailand

  • Malaysian arrested for drug trafficking in Bangkok

  • Burma investigating Muslim killings

  • Gunmen kill two in Narathiwat

  • Maoists behead five villagers in Bihar

  • Philippines faces money-laundering blacklist

  • Suu Kyi tries to defuse sectarian strife in western Burma

  • Proposed Sharia law in Tasikmalaya stirs controversy

  • Thai customs officials detain Ghanaian smuggling 'ice'

  • Two Chinese kidnapped in the Philippines: military

  • West Java city to require headscarves

  • Pattani village chief shot dead

  • Philippines, China pull ships back at Scarborough Shoal: Manila

  • Prosecution rejects Patek's leniency plea

  • Reconcile or face 'cycle of violence': Yingluck

  • Sectarian tension flares in western Burma

  • No casualties in co-ordinated attacks in Pattani

  • Two more Chinese vessels arrive at Scarborough Shoal

  • Philippine massacre witness dismembered: lawyer

  • Indonesian airliner carrying 163 skids off runway

  • 5.8 earthquake panics Indonesian town

  • Burma censorship enforcer to step down

  • Suu Kyi urges 'healthy scepticism' over Burma reform

  • Activist radio host reported missing on Borneo



Do you support campaigns by vigilante groups such as FPI to crack down on bars and restaurants that they believe are violating Islamic norms?

Photo Essay

A mother washes her daughter's hair with rice straw ashes in Pabuaran, Central Java, one day before Ramadan. It is a tradition said to cleanse heart and mind. [Andhika Bhakti/Khabar]

Ramadan: a time of reflection and togetherness

The month of fasting brings families and communities together for many special activities expressing tolerance, forbearance, creativity, charity and faith.